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How to Improve Air Circulation in a House

Proper air circulation is crucial in any home, because airflow regulates temperature, removes impurities, prevents mold and just creates a more pleasant and safe breathing environment. By contrast, poor air circulation can actually endanger your health. When your home’s air seems stagnant, or its air circulation otherwise leaves something to be desired, take steps to get breezes flowing again for a healthier, more comfortable home.


Open doors and windows. This is the most simple and obvious way to immediately improve the indoor air circulation. By simply opening windows in different rooms, you can create a cross flow that improves the circulation of the entire house.


Install exhaust fans, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. An exhaust fan works sort of like a traditional fan in reverse. Rather than blowing air outward, it draws air and moisture inward. This improves outdoor ventilation, prevents humidity from taking over your house, and removes contaminants from the air.


Run ceiling fans and window fans. In addition to the exhaust fans that improve your overall air, traditional fans can ensure that the air continues to circulate. Window fans are especially useful for this purpose.


Install an attic vent, if you do not already have one. A lack of attic ventilation can cause stagnant air to become trapped, penetrating the attic floor and affecting the entire house. This job is best left to the professionals, but you can install a gable vent in your attic by first cutting a frame according to the manufacturer’s directions and then mounting the vent with the tools provided. An attic fan can also help improve circulation in the attic.

Things You Will Need

  • Exhaust fans
  • Fans
  • Attic vent


  • Air conditioners and heaters can also accelerate the airflow in your home, but these options require greater energy consumption.


  • Limit your use of devices and appliances that cause emissions, such as gas stoves and heaters. These can hinder your overall air quality.

Original Source: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/improve-air-circulation-house-29428.html

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