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Residential Pricing

Complete Furnace Tune Up
$ 89
  • Complete furnace tune up with Safety Check
Air Conditioner Tune Up
$ 89
  • Complete tune up with acid wash and 1lb of refrigerant included
Furnace Replacement
$ 1800+
  • Replace your existing furnace with a new furnace
Furnace Safety Check
$ 39
  • Complete safety check of all controls and carbon monoxide
Service Call
$ 69
  • Diagnostic service to identify problems with your system, does not include afterhours calls
Air Conditioning Replacement
$ 2400+
  • Replace your existing air conditioner with a new air conditioning system

Commercial Pricing

Ground Mount Package Unit Service
$ 79
  • Diagnose problems with your package unit on ground, heating or a/c 5 tons or less
Refrigeration Service
$ 125
  • Diagnose refrigeration problems ½ horse or less. i.e., reach in and most walk-in coolers
Roof Mount Package Unit Service
$ 89
  • Diagnose problems with your roof mount package system, heating or a/c 5 tons or less
Heating and Cooling Maintenance Programs
$ 89+
  • Maintenance on HVAC equipment